Israel Escort

A subject close to my heart that I felt the need to talk about – Israel escort services

First of all it's very important for me to say, that I have been reading lately many blogs and articles talking about Israel escort services, and I don’t really know what the thing is. I think someone is paying for them to talk about Israel escort services as a cool, must do thing. I have never tried it, but I find it important to write about it from my point of view. It is a subject that must go up on the surface. When I was in Amsterdam with some friends few years ago, one of my friends went to the hooker street there. He didn’t have sex with the hooker, but let her go down on him with a condom – that’s how he was afraid of STD's. So I'm asking you – if hookers are so frightening to you, why are you using their services? I understood also that Israel escort offices in southern Tel Aviv are almost the same as hookers, so why using it? Escort services in Israel is a basic need of many people, that I understand, but if the people who goes there, feel the need of extra protection, what is the idea?

Israel escort services for oligarchs and exclusive escort in Israel for those who understands business

Have you heard of anything like that? Because I understood that all whores are the same. But apparently it is not – Israel escort service is not prostitution. There I a big range of grey between the black and white. Which on one side you can find junkie hookers and from the other side – Israeli escort services, high quality of amazing, clean and beautiful girls. Well, for this kind of escort you would have to pay X5 to X20, but you are getting what you are paying for – amazing, young, sexy girls who will do exactly what you want. With that saying, there are people who invite escort service in Israel to events, meetings, parties etc. each one and he's own reasons. And who are we to judge?

Internationally perspective on escort services and Israeli escort services perspective

Since "pretty woman" got out to the theaters, people started to look at escort girls as more than just sex. They understood that there is a person beyond or should we say inside the body, and they understood that inviting a girl escort service like that, doesn’t mean to have sex, but all kind of things – events escort, massages, alcohol and laughs, even shopping and hanging out to amuse the person who paid for the company of another. In Russia, for example, Escort services are nothing unusual. They want a pretty, young, sexy girl near them, and that is the easiest way to get it. Even though in Israel many people thinks that escort girl is junkie and dirty. But you will be surprise from the high class girls working here.